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Anonymous asked: what is considered neurodivergent?


A person who is neurodivergent, or neuroatypical, is a person who either has a mental illness or disorder, though some people who have certain disorders may prefer not to be considered neurodivergent, and that’s fine - though I for one think all people who have illnesses or disorders of the mind should really stick together as much as possible.







Just a reminder to women that cellulite isn’t this evil thing that only ‘fat’ people have. Most women, including well known celebrities have cellulite. The term cellulite was started in the 1960’s in a Vogue magazine. Its nothing more than the body storing fat, which practically every person has to some degree. Don’t be ashamed of something that’s normal!

Thank you for this post.

I really needed this. Bless you.

98% of women have cellulite in fact, which is the same amount of women who have breasts.

Fun fact: the reason the word cellulite was invented was to make women feel bad about this natural fat and manipulate them into getting liposuction.

Love yourself

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